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Maggie Foresee-Griese Takes the Helm of Women's Small Business Network of San Joaquin in 2021

As we enter into Women's History Month, the Women's Small Business Network of San Joaquin would like to officially congratulate Maggie Foresee-Griese on her new role as President of the organization. Foresee-Griese brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role, as she's been a business professional for over 25 years. Foresee-Griese's background in business is extensive and includes having owned several businesses of her own throughout the years. "Being the youngest of 12 children, I learned from the get-go to manage my space, time, and energies to being an independent, strong person. My mom was a woman of strength and taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to. Owning my own business gave me the ability to choose. I wanted to find something I love and be able to do it every day … and be successful. Freedom is a big objective for me. If you make enough money, you can call your own time and help lift up others along the way." Foresee-Griese stated.

When asked to speak to her vision for the organization and for its role in supporting women, she had this to say, "My vision is to build a strong team of women who can help those women interested in knowing how to start a business, how to build and succeed as a business owner, mentor, as well as stand up for and bring our expertise to help them reach their dream. It is all about them. I’d also like to establish a strong major event and event calendar that would lend to educating and servicing our community of women entrepreneurs. My vision for WSBN is for our team members to be those “assists”. Whether it be a little at a time or in much bigger ways...Knowing how to get started, how to develop that business or marketing plan, showing up, supporting events, understanding how to work from home, comprehending financials, breaking the multi-media barrier, how one gets referrals, build business and more", stated the new President.

Foresee-Griese assumes the role formerly held by Founder and first President, Eleassia Davis. "Women's Small Business Network of San Joaquin is full of selfless, amazing women, evident by our new Madam President and her new board who have all decided that my vision for this organization was valuable enough to preserve, and they've committed to taking up the charge. I couldn't be more proud of these ladies, thankful and grateful for all they've done for the organization and all that they will do to ensure its future," stated Davis.

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