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WSBN's Member Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct reflect a common set of values consistent with our mission. WSBN's Member CESPC is designed to guide member's conduct toward the highest ideals of the organization. Key values include respect for the worth, dignity and value of each member; honesty, integrity and acceptance of the diverse needs, talents, and views of members. WSBN aims to be inclusive, non-devisive, transparent, and accountable to each other and the women who rely upon us to not only set, but be the example.

  1. Respect: We will always show respect for our fellow members. We agree to be open-minded, giving opportunity for the opinions of others to be heard, even when we do not agree with those opinions. We will not speak disparagingly about each other, even when personalities have clashed in the past. We will not initiate, engage or contribute to idle gossip, always keeping the best interest of our community members in mind. We will consider opposing viewpoints as an opportunity to engage in healthy, meaningful and productive conversations, and will agree to disagree when consensus cannot be reached.

  2. Trust: Any good relationship is built on a foundation of trust. We will always do our best to demonstrate integrity by being truthful and honest, and by honoring our commitment. We will be considerate of others time and expectations, and give ample notice when a commitment cannot be kept for any reason. We will also strive to create a culture where members feel that they can speak their hearts without fear of judgement or retaliation.

  3. Supporting Each Other: Women in our group need the support of it's members. We will support each other in any way we can t insure the overall success and well-being of our members. Even though we may share career fields, community goals, political aspirations, etc., members will not attempt to discredit, infringe upon or harm another member in any way. We are a non-competitive group whose purpose is to support the success of women in life, leadership and business - A win for one of us is a step in the right direction for all of us.

  4. Privacy: We will not share and/or divulge details about sensitive information shared by members during WSBN meetings, events, gatherings, etc., without expressed consent from the member. This includes personal information, such as private email addresses, business addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers. We will always chose to use our best judgment, and discernment where the safety, care and concern when the image and reputation of our members is concerned.

  5. Not Exhaustive: WSBN's Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct is meant to serve as a foundational guideline of accepted conduct and standards of our members. It does not represent an exhaustive list of our accepted codes and standards, and we as an organization reserve the right to modify the code anytime we feel it is necessary and in the best interest of our members and the organization.

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